About Us

BoCub creates colourful and creative clothing and accessories.

Cubs in the wild are uninhibited and playful when they are young, and fierce and brave as they grow. They are born with a strong sense of adventure.

It’s this adventurous spirit that inspired BoCub, the brainchild of Artist Prudence Caroline and Clothing Brand Director Nathan Sayers. Two friends who grew up on the Surf Coast and both now raise kids in this beautiful part of the world.

Prue is an artist who loves colour, experimentation and design, and Nath is a clothing industry veteran who is passionate about sourcing durable materials to outlast the wildest of cubs.

Quality drives everything they do. They believe clothes should be built to last. Less throwaway fashion and more for keeps.

Letting their kids’ free-spirited imaginations guide them, they have designed a brand that is fun, sparks creativity and encourages self-expression. The BoCub Club is anything but monotone. We are colourful, playful and bold.